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    aus altgr. φῶς, phos, φωτός, photos, „Licht (der Himmelskörper)“, „Helligkeit“ und γράφειν, graphein, „zeichnen“, „ritzen“, „malen“, „schreiben“

    Open series of various sizes (Lambdaprints) and a book (Inkjet Printings, Paperback), 2009

    Painting with light!

    Since its inception, the meaning of photography has changed often. A significant change occurred when digital photography appeared and then became affordable. Most people (in the West) own a digital camera. On the one hand, a mass of photos exists that that seem very private because of the lack of editing work in the photo lab. On the other hand, the meaning of photography is changing because of the development of digital editing. A photo isn’t a reproduction of the reality anymore. Because of digital editing software, you cannot believe in photos in the same way anymore. Pimples are vanishing, legs become longer, and sunsets more beautiful.

    Other objects disappear and are added. At this moment I don’t feel like searching for every day objects to take photos of them. Much more so, I want to use photography in its original, literal meaning—namely painting or drawing with light. I take away every documentary function. With this reduction to its origin, I open myself to the possibility of discovering photography in a new way. I generated abstract pictures, which are to be understood and considered purely as such.

    …a picture book!