© 2018 Eva Schlögl


    Serie of 8 C-Prints, 40x50cm, 2010

    “...isn’t his girlfriend blonde?”
    „…they are having a party again, don’t they have anything better to do?“
    „…there are a lot of men visiting her…“

    Most people have had these kinds of thoughts, while looking through the windows of the house across the way. Even without the intention of observing the neighbors, one notices things about one’s neighbors who live opposite. Because of the distance, the structural layout, and reflection in the windows, usually you can only see silhouettes or blurry images. You can’t recognize faces, you just register the atmosphere.This is exactly why our imaginations can run wild and we build images and pictures in our minds. The Project Grundsteingasse 20/8 plays with these imaginations and pictures, takes them from the perspective of a specific observer, and restages them.